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Track Your Stolen Bike Using GPS Tracker: A Know-How guide to prevent bike thefts

Did you know that around 188,500 bikes are stolen every year in the USA? As you can see, bike thefts have become quite a big concern in the US streets. Why? Because they are easy targets for the thieves as they can be easily carried off and left on the parking or street without any locks or measures.

Searching for your stolen bike can be crushing. Like all other vehicles and assets, they hold a special place in their owners’ hearts. But if you have a GPS tracker installed on it, you will not have to be worried about it. You can locate and retrieve it faster with the help of a tracking device.

In this article, we have discussed how you can keep your bike safe with the help of a GPS tracker, as well as some other measures.

How to Recover Stolen Bike Using GPS Tracker?

When thefts are so common in the US, tracking down your bikes can be quite a challenging task. But if you have the proper information, insurance, registration number, and GPS tracking unit installed, you can retrieve it in no time.

First, the easiest thing to do is, track your cycle using a GPS tracker. If you have a GPS device, you can easily track it via the phone app. Every such tracker comes with an app that helps you track the attached object. For this, open your mobile app and check out the location of your bike. You can share the location details with the law enforcement authorities.

So the first thing you should do is call or reach out directly to the police station and file a report. Also, the police will ask you about the serial number, model, and other information. Therefore you should know about your bike in detail. We advise you to note its color, model, registration number, and other things beforehand. It will help law enforcement to locate it.

According to a report by BicycleLaw.com, even though law enforcement recovered 48 stolen bikes, only five were returned to their owners. The gap in these numbers is because several owners forgo registering them.

You can also try to locate the bike using the location information. Remember that the GPS tracker will only work till it is on, and thus you have to hurry and utilize your resources to recover it. Once the battery drains, the device will turn off, and you cannot track it. For this, you can share location updates with your friends and family and take their help in tracking.

Things Everyone Should Consider Before Buying A GPS Tracking Solution for Bikes

When choosing a GPS tracker, always think about the worse. When you take things into perspective, everything becomes easy. And the same goes for getting a tracking device for your bike that will help you recover it when lost or stolen.

Let us look at factors you need to consider for better and faster retrieval of your stolen bike:

Real-time Tracker: Always look for a GPS tracking device that works on active tracking. There are two types of trackers in the market: Active and Passive. You can choose an active tracking device for fast retrieval and real-time location updates.

Long Battery Life: The benefits of longer battery life manifest themselves only in emergencies. You will thank the lord for buying a GPS tracker with excellent battery backup when it takes more than 24 hours to locate and retrieve your bike.

Compact Size: Bikes do not have a lot of space to hide a GPS tracker. So getting one that is small in size would be prudent. You can hide it under the seat or any other place. A well-hidden tracking device would also mean that the miscreants will not be able to find it, increasing your chances of recovering your bike.

Strong Mount Case: You should mount a GPS tracker on the two-wheeler in such a way that it does not fall away even after a journey. For this, it should have a durable magnetic mount case.

Connectivity: You should also consider the network connectivity of the GPS tracker. A tracking unit with 4G connectivity can send real-time location updates faster, enabling fast retrieval.

Consider a GPS tracker with other features like geofencing and Smart alerts that prevent bike theft. Always consider reputed manufacturers like Family1st when looking for tracking devices for your bikes.

Three Important Measures to Adopt to Prevent Bike Thefts

Here are some tips to prevent bike theft and protect it.

Use High-quality Locks

Before you move on to buying a new GPS tracker, you should give importance to a lock. By choosing high-quality u-shaped locks, you can decrease the chances of theft by 50%. Why? Because thieves always look for bikes with no padlock.

Use Extra Measures

Now that we have put a lock on our bikes, it will not get stolen, right! But do you know, sometimes thieves may go for only seats and tires? So how will you protect it? By adding extra security chains. So next time you park it, remember to tie the tires with the chain and a padlock. Such a simple step can protect it and its parts from theft.

Register Your Bike

Now, what will you do if your bike gets stolen? You will not be able to reach local police for help without registration. Most people ignore this, but it is a crucial step.

Registration gives you an identification number. And hence can help you to track your cycle.


Insurance is a contract that provides financial protection or reimbursement against any losses. You may have insurance for your health, family, life, but this time consider insurance. It is helpful to make up for the monetary losses due to cycle thefts. If you want some discount on your insurance premium, install a GPS tracker.

Know Your Bike

Another important thing is to know your bike in detail. Keep a note of its color, model, registration number, and other things. It will help you to describe your bicycle in front of law enforcement.

Park Bike in a Proper Area

Rather than parking your bike anywhere, look for a bonafide stand, or if that is not possible, you can choose a heavy and sturdy object.


By taking such steps, you can reduce the risks of theft. Moreover, a GPS tracker will take away the anxiety and offer better chances of recovering your asset. It has all features that facilitate faster asset recovery at an affordable price. Investing in a GPS tracker is a wise decision to prevent your bikes from being stolen.


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