Trump Amplifies Unsubstantiated Claims That Ron DeSantis ‘Groomed’ Alcohol To Underage Students With True Social Post

Donald Trump makes social media posts suggesting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “groomed” a teenage girl and drank with his students when the Republican state leader was a high school teacher has been expanded.

In a series of statements on his Truth Social platform on Tuesday, Trump said: director A user viewing a low-quality photo of a man resembling Mr. DeSantis standing with a group of young women with blurred faces, one of whom appears to be holding a beer bottle.

“This is Ron DeSanctimonias as a teacher grooming high school girls with alcohol,” the user’s post caption reads.

Trump re-shared the image multiple times, replying, “No way?” And then, “That’s not Ron, is it?”

DeSantis has yet to publicly address the issue as of Wednesday morning. Independent I have reached out to his office for comment.

on other posts Claim He’s a “Trump soldier ready to hit the battlefield and shed his blood,” linking to a 2021 report on Mr. DeSantis from a site called The Hill Reporter. Democratic Super PAC Blog.

The article cites an anonymous source, saying that someone “well-informed on the subject” said DeSantis had a reputation among students for being “a young ‘hot teacher’ who loves girls,” and that the photo The girls are believed to have graduated from college.In 2002, they became seniors at the time.

last year, of new york times report After graduating from college, Mr. DeSantis taught at the Darlington School in Georgia at the age of 23 and earned a reputation for attending parties with seniors who lived nearby.

“When I was 18, I remember thinking, ‘What are you doing here?'” a former student told the newspaper.

Others said it was unwelcome for him to allegedly attend parties, including at least two parties where alcohol was served.

“It was his first job coming out of Yale. He was cute. We didn’t think much of it,” said another former student. Times.

Trump’s zoomed-in picture is the campaign he’s seeking to run again in the White House in 2024, with Governor DeSantis being seen as the frontrunner for the Republican Party.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-comments-about-ron-desantis-b2277724.html Trump Amplifies Unsubstantiated Claims That Ron DeSantis ‘Groomed’ Alcohol To Underage Students With True Social Post

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