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Trump-backed Nevada Republican Senate candidate concedes defeat

Las Vegas – The Republican challenger to Democratic Sen. Katherine Cortez Masto of Nevada conceded Tuesday that he lost and said he would not contest the result, but tipped the mail-in ballot “a tactic of tipping the balance.” ” he called.

Republican candidate Adam Laxalt tweeted, “I am confident that challenging this election will not change the final outcome,” campaign adviser Robert・It was confirmed that Aithoven was genuine.

Laxalto, who had the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, called Cortez Masto to congratulate her on her victory, Cortez Masto’s campaign aide Sigur Reshef confirmed. called the race on saturdaydeclared Cortes Mast the winner.

Laxalt told AP over a year ago Having prepared a legal challenge to the results of the 2022 election. Twitter statement and Another email sent to supporters on Tuesdayhe complained, “Republican voter turnout on Election Day was well below expectations as they had to overcome nearly three weeks of mail-in ballots in favor of the Democrats.”

“Nevada’s new election law enacted two years ago enabled mass ballot collection and ballots were cast at ballot boxes and polling places on Election Day,” Laxalt said in an email. said in “Republicans will have to amend election laws or better adapt to election laws and electoral laws.”

He said mail-in ballots “are not the preferred form of voting for Republican voters, so the ballots were tallied, which heavily skewed the Democrats above and below the ballots that included the opposition.”

Aithoven characterized the tweet as a brief public statement, saying the email “provided a little more detail” to Laxalt supporters.

There are no allegations that the Nevada election caused widespread problems.When the seat of governor changed from Democrat to Republican Las Vegas Area Sheriff Joe Lombardo defeated incumbent Gov. Steve Sisolak. Republicans also won the posts of lieutenant governor and air traffic controller statewide.

Nevada vote count took a few days That’s partly because Congress passed a law in 2020 requiring counties to accept ballots postmarked on Election Day if they arrive up to four days later. It had an early lead that dwindled after late-counted votes were cast from the state’s densely populated areas.

Cortez Masto wins alongside Democrats Victory for Senator Mark Kelly In Arizona, Democrats won the Senate 50-49. In addition to tying votes for Vice President Kamala Harris, the party retains control of the House regardless of the outcome. Georgia runoff vote next month Among Democratic Senators Raphael Warnock and Republican candidate herschel walker.

Cortez mast First Latina to serve in the Senate, Considered the most vulnerable Democratic senator in the midterm elections, Republicans had high hopes of stealing the seat.

She raised significantly more money than Laxalt, but had to weather an onslaught of offensive advertising funded by Republican groups across the country. By mid-October, Cortez Masto had spent about $47 million on her and had more than $6 million in cash on hand, according to OpenSecrets, a nonprofit that tracks campaign finance and lobbying. . Laxalt spent about $13 million and had about $3 million left over at the same time.

Cortez Masto has served two terms as State Attorney General. She focused her Senate campaign on threatening access to abortion nationwide and worked to sue the state’s Spanish-speaking residents and hourly workers. She regularly visited union halls and workers’ groups, noting that she supported a permanent path to citizenship for the “Dreamers”.

Laxalt is the grandson of former Republican Senator and Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt and the son of former Republican Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico. He served one term as Nevada Attorney General, lost the gubernatorial race in 2018, and co-chaired Trump’s failed campaign in Nevada in 2020. rice field. I spent months in the media and in court challenging the results as unfair.

Laxart argues that ineligible and deceased voters cast ballots, that the law adopted by the Democratic-led Congress to send vote-by-mail ballots to all valid voters invites fraud, and that Republican observers are not allowed to count or mail ballots. claimed to be prohibited from disputing signatures on ballots. .

Only a lawsuit to keep some polling stations in the Las Vegas area open until people in line have finished voting has temporarily survived court scrutiny. Like others, it was later dismissed.

In a statement Tuesday, attorney Laksalt said: “I am standing here on behalf of my family and the people in Nevada and across America who believe our country is headed in the wrong direction. He said he was “returning to his private life and personal practice.”

“This election campaign and the 2022 election cycle have not gone the way we wanted them to,” he said.


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https://www.local10.com/news/politics/2022/11/15/nevada-gop-candidate-for-us-senate-concedes-race-to-democrat/ Trump-backed Nevada Republican Senate candidate concedes defeat

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