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Trump indicted in Georgia for alleged election fraud

A Georgia grand jury indicted 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump and several allies Monday on conspiracy charges of trying to steal Georgia’s electoral votes from President Joe Biden after the 2020 election.

The Trump campaign condemned the charges as politically motivated. “Call it election interference or election manipulation,” said a campaign statement.

The indictment accuses Trump and confederates of a coordinated plan to have state officials essentially spike Biden’s victory and award the state to Trump. His strategy included the recruitment of fake presidential electors for Congress to count and an extraordinary phone call urging state election officials to “find” him more votes, according to a House investigation. 

http://rssfeeds.floridatoday.com/~/778776701/0/brevard/news~Live-updates-Georgia-grand-jury-hands-up-indictments-in-election-case/ Trump indicted in Georgia for alleged election fraud

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