Trump Indictment Live: Trump makes furious statement after being indicted for Stormy Daniels hush money

Trump comments on photo of him wielding a baseball bat next to Alvin Bragg’s head

donald trump He is the first former president in U.S. history to face criminal charges after a Manhattan grand jury investigated his role in paying hush money to an adult film star. Stormy Daniels voted to indict him.

The news comes after reports that security measures around a lower Manhattan courthouse have been undone and a jury is considering paying another woman.

The indictment was thought to be delayed by several weeks due to the planned hiatus. Details about the specific charges and how Mr. Trump will be brought in for processing are not yet known.

The news comes as the former president continues his campaign for the 2024 election and attacks his rivals. Ron DeSantis,Blame florida An inexperienced governor of foreign policy, he bailed out insurance companies to damage hurricane-struck Floridians.

Mr. Trump has also issued a dire warning about the apparent threat of imminent nuclear war, and only he can save the United States…if he is re-elected president.

The New York indictment could help the former president politically, but it will likely throw a curveball in the 2024 Republican primary.


BREAKING: Trump indicted over hush money payments in Stormy Daniels investigation

an informant told Independent That grand jury voted Thursday to indict the former president, and that indictment is now sealed.

Andrew Feinberg I have the latest.

Oliver O’connellMarch 30, 2023 22:36


Trump’s tough-guy stance ahead of impending indictments isn’t fooling these insiders

IndependentWhite House correspondent for Andrew Feinberg I am writing:

[M]Multiple people who have been familiar with Trump in the past and understand his thinking say the confidence he displays in interviews and in public speaks to what it means for him to become a criminal defendant. It confirms that it is completely incomprehensible.

These former Trumpworld insiders tell The Independent that the former president has shied away from responsibility for his actions for decades, and that his past capabilities could lie ahead of him. has left something incredibly inadequate. Of the grand jury to hear the evidence against him, vote the indictment.

Oliver O’connellMarch 31, 2023 00:47


Josh Hawley: ‘This is burning up the rule of law’

Following the indictment of former President Donald Trump, Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri — a staunch ally of Trump — told Fox News: don’t stand for it.

He continues: And now we have to defend our democracy. ”

Oliver O’connellMarch 31, 2023 00:36


Former Congressman Cawthorne claims the Roman Republic collapsed in the same way 🤔

Former Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorne provided one of the strangest reactions to the news of the indictment: A shirtless video was posted from what appeared to be a boat.

It got even weirder when he claimed:

Former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger responded: “I had no idea Rome had fallen as the Attorney General indicted the former president for hush money for an adult film actress.”

He added: “You learn something every day.”

Oliver O’connellMarch 31, 2023 00:30


Statement from the Manhattan DA Office

A spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said: Guidance will be provided once an arraignment date is selected. ”

Oliver O’connellMar 31, 2023 00:26


Former Governor: ‘We have to wait for the facts’

Former Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson issued a cautious statement emphasizing the need to wait for the facts behind the indictment and the importance of the presumption of innocence.

He concludes: Donald Trump shouldn’t be the next president, but that should be decided by voters. ”

Oliver O’connellMar 31, 2023 00:24


Trump’s lawyer says he will surrender early next week

Oliver O’connellMarch 31, 2023 00:20


‘We won’: Mary Trump celebrates Trump’s first of all

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump, her uncle’s nemesis, celebrates his achievement in reaction to news of the indictment.

It’s official: Donald Trump is:

First man to be impeached twice in the Oval Office

The first man to instigate a riot in the Oval Office


and now . . . was first INDICTED.

But the media overlooks the biggest reason this is so important: for Donald’s victims, this is finally the measure of justice.

It took a long time to come, but after all that Donald put us through this country, we won.

See you later in my substack (see below) with my take on how this affects our country and me personally.

Oliver O’connellMarch 31, 2023 00:19


Unindicted Trump fundraising

Yes, Trump’s 2024 Campaign Against “Soros-Funded District Attorneys” Relying on Testimony from “Disgusting Witch Hunts” and “Convicted Felons and Disqualified Lawyers” I quickly missed the target with the railing of the fundraising email.

Oliver O’connellMarch 31, 2023 00:11


DeSantis calls prosecution ‘un-American’ and won’t cooperate with extradition

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is Donald Trump’s current arch-enemy for the 2024 Republican nomination, called the indictment “un-American” and twice accused Manhattan DA’s Alvin Bragg of ” It is backed by Soros,” he said.

Weaponizing the legal system to advance the political agenda upends the rule of law.

The Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney has consistently bent the law to downgrade felonies and pardon criminal activity. But now he has expanded the law to target his political opponents.

Florida will not support an extradition request given the questionable circumstances of this Soros-backed Manhattan prosecutor and his political agenda issues.

Trump is expected to cooperate and turn himself in early next week, and an extradition is not believed to be possible or necessary.

Oliver O’connellMarch 31, 2023 00:05

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-2024-indictment-pence-meadows-latest-b2310786.html Trump Indictment Live: Trump makes furious statement after being indicted for Stormy Daniels hush money

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