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Two months after Charles III’s coronation, Scotland hosts its own event to honor the new monarch

London – 2 months later luxury coronation The ceremony of King Charles III will take place at Westminster Abbey in London, Scotland, and a unique event will be held to mark the new king’s accession to the throne.

While Prince Charles and Queen Camilla won’t be crowned for the second time in Edinburgh on Wednesday, the celebrations celebrated by Scotland will include crowns, carriages, cavalry and the Royal Air Force’s aerobatic display team, the Red Arrows. Includes high altitude flight. A peculiar relationship with the monarchy.

The focal point of the event will be a Thanksgiving Day at St Giles’ Cathedral, where Charles will be presented with the Scottish Medal of Honor, the crown, scepter and national sword once used to crown Scottish kings and queens. .of stone of fateAn important symbol of Scottish identity, the festival will also be moved to the cathedral for the celebration.

The existence of these symbols of the Scottish nation is fiercely proud of its history, and despite having been bound by England and Great Britain since 1707, the desire for independence in some peoples has never been extinguished. It’s a sign of respect for this country.Scotland’s central government is led by the Scottish National Party, which is the second independence referendum.

“This is not a coronation,” says George Gross, a coronation expert at King’s College London. “But it’s very symbolic in that Scotland has its own identity.”

Wednesday’s events in Edinburgh have prompted Prince Charles to change his relationship with the people of the four nations that make up Britain as he seeks to show that a 1,000-year-old monarchy remains relevant in modern Britain. It is a continuation of efforts to strengthen. Shortly thereafter, his mother’s deathQueen Elizabeth II said after Prince Charles’ visit to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales last September. state funeral in London.

Just as May’s coronation was a nod to Britain’s multiculturalism today, Wednesday’s church service will include a psalm sung in Gaelic. Charles will also receive a new sword made by a Scottish craftsman and named after Elizabeth. This sword was made in 1507 and is used in place of the current national sword as it is too fragile for ceremonial use.

But with people across Britain facing catastrophe, some Scots will not celebrate. cost of living crisis The driving force is soaring food and utility costs.

Our Republic, the group that seeks to elect a head of state in Scotland, is planning a rally in front of the Scottish Parliament to coincide with the coronation.

“With Scotland’s support for the monarchy at an all-time low, the majority of Scotland were unwilling to celebrate the coronation in May,” the group said in a statement. “Prince Charles’ constant desire to celebrate his reign with all manner of pomp and pomp is a spit in the face for a nation struggling with the cost of living.”

The coronation celebrations begin in the early afternoon with a people’s procession down the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle to St Giles’ Cathedral. The procession will be attended by over 100 people representing charities and public service organizations such as the Scottish Ambulance Service, the Royal Scottish Highlands Gaming Association and the Women’s Brigades.

The Scottish honor student follows behind, escorted by police and military units.

Shortly thereafter, the Household Cavalry Horse Guards and Military Band depart from Holyrood Palace, the King’s official residence in Edinburgh. Charles and Camilla then leave the palace.

The hour-long Thanksgiving service is scheduled to begin at 2:15 pm (13:15 GMT), followed by a 21-gun salute and a high-flying Red Arrows.

The celebration will give royal fans an opportunity to celebrate Charles’ coronation and pay homage to Scotland’s unique history.

Historically independent Scotland was first linked to England in 1603 after the death of Elizabeth I. As the Queen had no children, her throne passed to her cousin James VI, who was already King of Scotland, and the two countries were united under a common state. Sovereign.

However, Scotland remained independent until 1707, when the legislatures of both countries approved the Act of Union and the birth of Great Britain.

This public celebration is likely to be personally moving for Charles. Charles will stand in much the same place where he held his vigil last year, watching his mother’s coffin with the Scottish crown on his lid.

Gross, a visiting fellow in theology at King’s College London, said, “I think it would be extraordinary if it didn’t affect him or the human being.”

“It’s very important in keeping unions together. Just like after his mother died, after the late Queen died, he did various services in unions, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, etc.” So he would do the same here. This is where things come together. ”


For more information from the Associated Press on the British monarch, please see below. https://apnews.com/hub/king-charles-iii

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https://www.local10.com/entertainment/2023/07/05/two-months-after-charles-iiis-coronation-scotland-hosts-its-own-event-to-honor-the-new-monarch/ Two months after Charles III’s coronation, Scotland hosts its own event to honor the new monarch

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