UK says plan to halt immigration in channel pushes legal boundaries

London – The UK government said Tuesday it was ready to file a legal challenge tough new law intended to stop tens of thousands immigration A year of arriving in the country by small boat across the English Channel.

Home Secretary Suela Braverman The government has “pushed the boundaries of international law” with a bill to ban asylum claims by persons arriving in the UK by unauthorized means, asking the government to detain them before “force them to return to their home country or a safe third.” I will repatriate,” said the country. “They will be barred from re-entering the country ever again.

“If you come here illegally, you must not be able to stay,” Braverman wrote in The Daily Telegraph.

The government says the “illegal immigration bill” due to be introduced by parliament on Tuesday will deter migrants and smuggling gangs who send desperate people on the perilous journey across one of the world’s busiest sea lanes. increase.

prime minister Rishi Snack It said the law would “take back control” of the UK border – a central pledge in a successful but divisive campaign to get Britain out of the European Union.

Critics say the plan is unethical and unworkable because people fleeing war and persecution will not be able to return home, and is the latest in a series of unfulfilled immigration pledges by successive British governments. He said it is likely that

“This bill will not stop small boats crossing the Channel. “It will not only make it worse, but it will further undermine Britain’s global reputation for fairness and compassion.”

The UK receives less asylum seekers than some European countries such as Italy, Germany and France. However, thousands of immigrants from all over the world travel to northern France each year in hopes of making it to the UK, attracted by family ties, the English language or the ease of finding employment.

Most people attempt to travel in dinghies and other small craft now that authorities are cracking down on other routes such as smuggling by bus or truck.

More than 45,000 people will arrive in the UK by sea in 2022, up from 28,000 in 2021 and 8,500 in 2020. Most have applied for asylum, but with over 160,000 backlogs, many are languishing in overcrowded processing centers and hotels. right to work.

The UK government has said many of those traveling are economic migrants rather than refugees, noting an increase in arrivals last year from Albania, a European country considered safe by the UK.

Refugee groups say most of those arriving in the channel are fleeing war, persecution or famine in countries such as Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.The majority of those whose applications were processed were granted asylum in the UK

Charities say migrants risk crossing the Channel as there are few safe and legal ways to reach Britain.Hong Kong and Ukraine. However, it is not clear how many asylum seekers will be accepted or when the program will begin.

It is also unclear where third countries would safely host people deported from the UK.Britain announced plans to send out migrants arriving in the UK last year One way trip to Rwanda teeth embroiled in legal troubleNo one has been sent to the East African country, but the UK has already paid Rwanda £140m ($170m) under the deal.


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