UPS Employees Approve Strike: What Does This Mean?

On Friday, UPS union employees voted 97% for a strike that could start on Aug. 1 if the company fails to meet negotiations set by the Teamsters union, it said. CNN. If UPS goes on strike, it will be the largest employers’ strike in U.S. history and could have huge implications in a world increasingly dependent on deliveries.

news: “The results do not mean a strike is imminent,” UPS said in a statement. new york timesHe said he was confident that an agreement would be reached with union members. The vote only means that Labor leaders have the power to call a strike if no deal is reached within a set deadline.

  • The last time UPS employees went on strike was in 1997, reports The newspaper. Associated Presssaid the 2023 UPS strike could be even more “disruptive,” especially since many Americans rely heavily on companies such as Amazon to feed their homes.

Overall picture: The impending strike and contract negotiations are having a mounting effect on both the US labor movement and economy. Washington Post Teamsters negotiations reportedly “raised standards” for working conditions for employees across the United States

  • “A strike could have devastating consequences for an economy increasingly dependent on delivery infrastructure,” he said. director Considering that 6% of the country’s gross domestic product is transported via UPS in both ears, he said.

Who are the team stars and what do they want? Teamsters is a trade union representing freight drivers and warehouse workers. USA Today.

  • Teamsters engages in various negotiations that can improve working conditions for UPS employees. This includes air conditioning requirements for new UPS vehicles as well as fan and ventilator requirements for all existing vehicles.
  • The union also said UPS employees are “overdue” for pay increases under the severe pressure of shipping goods during the pandemic. times.
  • Other demands from the union, according to the newspaper, include “banning excessive overtime, abolishing two-tiered wages, increasing part-time wages, increasing full-time employment, and securing jobs for feeders and load drivers.” , video cameras and harassment protection”. USA Today.

https://www.deseret.com/u-s-world/2023/6/17/23764673/what-could-happen-if-ups-goes-on-strike UPS Employees Approve Strike: What Does This Mean?

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