War in Russia and Ukraine: chat, video lines help soldiers repair weapons

Howitzer repair is not a simple DIY project. Some experience is required.

The war in Ukraine is a modern war. This means not only using modern weaponry, but the latest technological communication platforms that help make weapon repair a more team effort.

The US has set up a communications system for Ukrainian soldiers to chat and video call for assistance in repairing weapons in the field. And it is used.

By September 2022, $13 billion has been spent to transport howitzers, missiles, mortars, helicopters, harpoons, air systems, tanks and more from the US to Ukraine. The Hill.

Most, if not all, are equipped with complex and heavy machinery.

With months of continued use, these weapons have been pushed past their “breaking point” and can go from natural wear and tear to malfunctioning and even detonating in the hands of the military. Associated Press.

“They are using these systems in ways that we didn’t necessarily expect,” said one U.S. military officer stationed in Poland, whose name was withheld in the article due to military guidelines. told AP. “In fact, we are learning from them by seeing how these weapons systems can be abused and where the breaking point is.”

A chat system in such cases allows Ukrainian soldiers to make video calls and virtual chat with someone who walks them through remedial steps, the AP reports. And most of the time they fix it and keep using it.

But it’s not just an old chat service with video capabilities. Encrypted for your safety and privacy. technology.

Other examples of useful technology in Ukraine include Uber, a ride-hailing service that has helped lead many civilians to safety.

Especially in the early days of the war, when many civilians were moving to escape Russian attacks, Uber helped fleeing Ukrainians by offering free transportation services through ground drivers. deseret news.

https://www.deseret.com/u-s-world/2023/1/28/23575575/fixing-weapons-in-ukraine-war-with-virtual-chatroom War in Russia and Ukraine: chat, video lines help soldiers repair weapons

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