Website linked to Iran presidential inauguration hacked to post image of exile group leader

dubai – A series of websites linked to the Iranian presidential inauguration posted images of two exiled rebel leaders on Monday, while others crossed out photos of the Islamic Republic’s supreme leader and president. was displayed.

An internet account claiming to be a group of hackers has claimed responsibility for bringing down the website. The account GhyamSarnegouni’s name means “rising to overthrow” in Persian. Earlier this month, it claimed that a website linked to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was hacked..

Iranian state media and officials did not immediately confirm the apparent hack. However, Associated Press reporters who visited the sites said they were linked to the long-lost leader of the Iranian exile group Mujahideen-e-Khalq, Massoud Rajavi, who is now the face of the group. was found to have been tampered with in the image of his wife Mariam.

One site carried the slogan “Death to Khamenei Raishi, Long live Rajabi.” Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iran’s President Ebrahim Raishi were both similarly targeted in previously alleged hacks in May.

Iran has been the target of a series of embarrassing hacks amid mounting tensions over its burgeoning nuclear program.it contains Signals of Iranian state TV targetedpetrol pump to supply auxiliary fuel targeted by cyber attacks Images from government surveillance cameras were released. Including one from the notorious prison.

Mujahideen-e-Halk, known by the acronym MEK, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. MEK angrily denounced Belgium conducts prisoner exchange with Iran on Friday Iranian diplomats to release an aid worker convicted of involvement in a bomb plot targeting the group.

MEK started as a Marxist group opposing the rule of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The group was accused of conducting a series of attacks against US officials in Iran in the 1970s, a charge it now denies.

He supported the Islamic Revolution of 1979, but was soon at odds with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and turned against the clergy. He carried out a series of assassinations and bombings targeting the young Islamic Republic.

The MEK then fled to Iraq and aided dictator Saddam Hussein during the bloody eight-year war against Iran in the 1980s. As such, many in Iran opposed the group. The group is primarily based in Albania but claims to operate a network inside Iran as well.


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https://www.local10.com/news/world/2023/05/29/websites-linked-to-irans-presidency-hacked-with-images-of-exile-groups-leaders/ Website linked to Iran presidential inauguration hacked to post image of exile group leader

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