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What Could Happen Next in Murder Case Against Aiden Futch? Local Lawyer Joins

jacksonville, florida – Attorneys share their thoughts on the recent filing of the murder case against Aiden Futch.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office recently said it doesn’t believe a boy should be able to choose where to stay while he awaits trial in the murder of classmate Tristin Bailey.

There are currently no juvenile prisons in St. Johns County, so Futch is in prison in Duval County.

However, Futch’s lawyers want his restraints to be relaxed.

A lawyer who spoke to News4JAX said Fucci was the responsibility of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office wherever he was detained. Other attorneys ask who is responsible here and why they would risk violating Futch’s civil rights.

Sheriff’s office filings call Futch a dangerous felon. The filing said his right to choose where he would be housed was lost when he was charged with first-degree murder.

Juvenile law expert Shannon Schott found the sheriff’s submission as an affected non-party interesting.

According to Schott, the term “dangerous felon” appears only in Florida Model Prison Standards and is not strictly defined, but determined by officials.

“The sheriff has stated many times that he is a monster, and there are other things that I find inappropriate. And now they are in complete control of his life and well-being. And , they have judged him a dangerous felon and are punishing him based on the facts conveyed in motions from the defense.

Futch’s transfer request is based on potential psychological issues, how he faced threats, disciplinary action, and suicidal thoughts.

The defense said the prosecution rejected a negotiated plea and the sheriff’s office continued to deny safe and humane remedies to transfer Fuch.

Gene Nichols, an attorney who had no connection to the case, said: “I think it’s to evoke sympathy for Aiden Futch.

Nichols said jurors would not hear how Fucci was held.

“But they can present it in the form of emotions and spread it out into the world,” he said. That’s part of the reason I believe it’s to know if you’re experiencing

“The allegations of what he is alleged to have done are terrible. And they are heinous. And for someone his age to commit, something happened to Aiden Futch from a mental health standpoint.” So the next question is, are prisons making things worse?” Nichols added.

Schott argues that the motion directly benefits Fucci if there are changes, but adds that it’s not just his problem.

“It’s about the fact that in the United States we don’t cruelly and abnormally punish people, or punish people who are accused of crimes,” Schott said.

Schott said that if Fucci is found to be aggravated by being in solitary confinement, he could be ruled incapable of standing trial, further prolonging the process. rice field.

Nichols doesn’t think the judge will change anything unless it proves that Fucci has been through more than others in solitary confinement.

Lawyers said they were beginning to uncover what was going on behind the scenes.

The defense can do this in several ways, but it all depends on the facts of the case and how a judge will sentence Aiden Futch if he is found guilty. .

What kind of plea can Futch get while the teen faces first-degree murder? His lawyer said the state had rejected many efforts to negotiate.

The state attorney’s office said it did not provide a time frame for the case.

Schott said there are several ways a boy charged with murder can be convicted.

“They may be returned to juvenile court and sentenced as juveniles. They may be sentenced as juvenile offenders. may receive

Nichols said he believes the state will impose the maximum penalty.

“Based on what we already know, the St. Johns County State Attorney’s Office will soon find out, based on the fact that they know something we don’t yet know. They will extend their offer.” There is no way,” Nichols said.

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