What is Acarbose Used For?

Acarbose is a medication that has been around for awhile, but has recently started making news because of new or additional benefits that the medication may have to offer. Unfortunately, this is not a medication that many people are familiar with, so when you hear the term, your first thought may be what is acarbose used for? Learning more about this medication can help you to learn what it is used for now, how it works and what future uses the medication may have.

What Acarbose Is?

Acarbose is a tablet that is used to help control type 2 diabetes in patients with this disease. The tablet is taken when food is eaten, usually within the first few bites of a meal. As the tablet and food make their way into the body, the tablets help to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestines as you eat a meal. By slowing down the absorption of carbs, the medication is able to prevent the blood spike that often follows a type 2 diabetic eating a meal with carbohydrates. This tablet is taken three times a day, usually with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What Acarbose Is Used to Treat?

Acarbose is primarily used to help prevent the spike of sugar that follows a meal consumed by a type 2 diabetic. The medication helps to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, which slows down this sugar spike. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, acarbose can help to make type 2 diabetes far more manageable.This is extremely important because high sugar issues in diabetics can cause many issues including kidney problems, nerve problems, blindness, loss of limbs, and increase the chances of heart attack and stroke. This medication helps to decrease or lessen the chances of a stroke or heart attack, while also helping to prevent the other issues listed above.

What Are the Future Potential Uses of Acarbose?

While acarbose is primarily used to help control type 2 diabetes, this medication is currently being tested to see if it may have other uses. Studies are currently being conducted to see if acarbose alone, or acarbose in conjunction with other weight loss drugs, such as appetite suppressants, can help individuals control their weight and help fight diabetes. There are also studies being done to see if acarbose may be used in conjunction with heart medications to decrease the chances of heart attack and stroke in patients who may have cardiovascular issues. Acarbose has been used for a long period of time and appears to be very safe, so it will be interesting to see what future potential ways acarbose can be used to help people.

If you find yourself asking what is acarbose used for, you may find that the main use for this drug is to help control type two diabetes. However, this type of drug can be combined with other types of medications and may be used to help with weight loss, to help lower the risk of heart attack, cardiovascular issues and stroke. Talk to a medical provider today if you are interested in learning more about acarbose and if it can be used to benefit you in any way.


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