What’s next for Vice President Kamala Harris?

It was just a joke, but it had sharp edges.

“WASHINGTON — To earn a little extra cash ahead of the holiday season, Vice President Kamala Harris told reporters on Thursday that he found a seasonal job at Macy’s in the D.C. area,” satirical newspaper The Onion We reported in November last year. “Technically, I don’t think I’m supposed to do another job other than the vice presidency, but it’s not like they’re missing me anyway,” Harris said. “If he hadn’t worked 15 hours a week at Macy’s, I would have been bored.”

Satire works when the audience is joking. Some say the perception, or misunderstanding, that the onion is invisible and irrelevant in this case.

Washington politics may involve many parlor games. who is there? who’s out? who is awake? who’s down? Now a popular game is gauging and guessing Harris’ status and height entering his third year in office amid questions about whether his boss, President Joe Biden, will run for re-election. .

Criticism from Democrats

In February, The New York Times Story Underneath the headline, it read, “Kamala Harris is trying to define her vice presidency. Even her allies are tired of waiting.”

It was a lot of work. Citing the name of a local Democratic official on condition of anonymity, he claimed Harris “did not rise to the challenge of proving himself to be the future leader of the party.” Officials and fundraisers questioned whether Biden could win the 2024 presidential election if she resigned, and whether she would also be held accountable as her running mate. .

Prominent Democratic fundraiser John Morgan said, “I can’t think of anything she did other than go out of her way and stand by him at a particular ceremony.

A veteran political analyst, who requested anonymity, told me: I think she’s seen as a political spoiler. When people make up their minds like that, it’s hard to get back from there. ”

Harris ‘carried the ball with Law’

Harris’ defender, who has many defenders, explains what an alternate reality is.

Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart wrote, “President Biden’s voting right-hand wife is ending a banner year (2022) filled with domestic barnstorming and high-wire diplomacy.

Harris supporters cite highlights from the past year, including his speech at the Munich Security Conference a year before the war in Ukraine began, and his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He also made numerous appearances around the country in support of abortion rights before and after the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

“She carried the ball with Roe,” Jamal Simmons, who recently stepped down as Harris’ communications adviser, told me. “That’s what everyone admits. She was talking about it every day. And it turned out to be one of her main motivations for voters who chose Democrats in the last election.” .”

Despite disagreements between Harris and Biden’s staff, Harris’ supporters say he is a trusted partner to the president and consults with him on every important decision. It is claimed that

2021 off to a rough start

Many of those same supporters acknowledge that Harris has gotten off to a shaky start to 2021. The low point is to give evasive answers about what the US is doing to stop illegal immigration. I failed in an interview with NBC anchor Lester Holt. Addressing the root causes of crime, corruption and poverty in Central America.

When he pressured her to visit the border, she reacted acrimoniously. She then appears to have restricted her reporter’s access. For months, it seemed like she only made the news when the chief of staff was leaving, which wasn’t uncommon.

“Despite the history-making part, five minutes later she felt like she couldn’t do the right thing. ABC News political director Rick Klein said.

Harris’ disapproval numbers have surpassed her approval in the summer of 2021 and have been in a submerged state ever since.recent los angeles times poll She was 40% in favor and 53% against. Mr. Biden scored 45% in favor and 52% against in the same poll.

Even more surprising is that she is standing in her hometown.Recent poll Berkeley Government Research Institute asked California voters about their level of “enthusiasm” for the 2024 Harris presidential election if Biden doesn’t seek re-election. Somewhat enthusiastic, 59% said they were not very or not enthusiastic at all, and 41% said they were “not at all.”

Among California Democrats, 56% said they were somewhat or very enthusiastic about her running for office in 2024, far better than Harris. Among independents, 63% belonged to the latter group.

“One of the big problems[for Harris]is that the only time she makes news or is really relevant or talked about in the news cycle is when she makes a mistake.” I hoped.

The road to the presidency is hard

Some of Harris’ luggage comes with work. The vice presidency is inherently a low-wattage, often thankless job. Franklin Roosevelt’s first vice president, John Nance Garner, famously said that it “cannot be a warm bucket of spit buckets.” It depends on who you partner with.

“The vice president’s only real job, and one that really matters to his or her future, is to maintain a strong relationship with the president,” says political writer Chris Syriza. “And there is no indication that there is a rift between Biden and Harris.”

If Mr. Biden doesn’t run, there will be quite a few other Democrats who want to challenge Mr. Harris. I spoke to a number of observers who said it would be unlikely that she would win in that scenario.

One analyst said, “If Biden said, ‘I’m out of here,’ he wouldn’t stand by her.” He’s going to do the same thing Obama did. In that case, I wouldn’t spend a dime on her getting the nomination.There are 15 other people running.”

Many Democrats were stunned at how she did poorly as a 2020 presidential candidate. What many consider to be her greatest responsibility, that voters don’t think she’s real, that if nominated, she’ll end up like former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. cannot be defeated.

Melanie Mason, a national political reporter for the Los Angeles Times, who interviewed Mr. Harris when he was California Attorney General, said a scenario in which Democratic candidates rushed to push Mr. Said it would look bad.

“Visually, it can be a big deal for Democrats,” she says. “But Democratic voters worried about electability might think, ‘OK, but if Trump runs or if DeSantis is there, do we need to worry so much about optics? Or should I worry about someone who can win?”

Questions about race, gender and ethnicity

When we talk about Kamala Harris, the question inevitably and reasonably arises as to whether her gender, race, and ethnicity influence her image and press coverage. She is not the first vice president to be named. Is she being judged harder because she’s black and an Asian woman?

Jeffrey Frank, author of two biographies of the president and vice president, said, “Like many women and people of color, she has a double minded attitude about how she is seen and judged. You’ve faced standards.

“She’s going to run into turbulence because she’s a black woman,” Simmons said. sees her as a capable, capable woman of color in a non-traditional role.”

Harris’ supporters say Harris is charming, charismatic, and speaks one-on-one with small groups of people and voters. They say that they carry the weight of expectations.

This year, Harris started making her name known. She traveled to Monterey Park, Calif., after the shooting there, to Memphis, where she met with the family of Tyre Nichols, who was killed in police custody, attended this year’s Munich Security Conference, and went to war with Russia. He gave a powerful speech condemning the crime.

The two major portfolios Harris was handed early on — illegal immigration and voting rights — were seen as “losers” and could not be resolved, dooming her to a seemingly helpless fate. A power role was a tie-vote of 26 votes when the Senate was evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. It’s not an achievement that the public pays much attention to. With Senate Democrats now in the 51-49 majority, supporters believe Harris is free to get out of Washington and raise her profile, perhaps even among rebellious Democratic officials and voters. He says it will allay his grievances about her.

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