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When should I eat dinner?

in the meantime eat dinner Your family knows the health benefits, but they may not know that scientific research actually says it’s the best time to eat this dinner. new research Having said that the best time to eat dinner may be earlier than you think.

according to United States of America today, the study was conducted by physicians at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The study compared eating later to eating earlier, and found that participants who ate their meals earlier (those who ate dinner at 5 p.m.) burned 60 more calories than those who ate late. and found that I felt less hungry.

This means that 5:00 p.m. might be the perfect time to eat dinner.

United States of America today The study also reported that the optimal eating window was found to be 10 hours. That means it’s best practice for him to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner within 10 hours.

This isn’t the first study to show that an early dinner is the best option. eat well A study reportedly discovered how circadian rhythms affect the body’s ability to process calories.

last year, health line It also states that if you’re on a diet for weight loss, it’s best to eat early. Eating late increases body fat. health line It also showed that the study found that eating the most calories at breakfast led to the most weight loss, all other factors being equal.

Eating dinner at 5pm may not be practical for an adult who works 9-5, but it’s true that eating dinner earlier is a better option.

https://www.deseret.com/2022/10/7/23392800/best-time-to-eat-dinner When should I eat dinner?

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