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Why are writing skills important for students?

Great writing skills are essential to most of us. Whether it comes to our professional or personal life, more than 50% of our day-to-day communication occurs via texts, emails, or any other kind of correspondence. These skills are particularly handy to students since a great portion of their college experience involves writing essays, academic papers, reports, etc.

A lot of students tend to underestimate their capabilities, which results in them avoiding the lasting and anxious process of writing an essay. However, there is no need to rush into it, as a good point to start prepping is to learn from existing essay examples on the Internet. There are plenty of online services with such examples as on BlablaWritings that do just that. It will help to build up a good vocabulary, provide some templates and show off the required structure of a text. Working on your writing skills may not be easy, but it will have a positive effect on your life as a whole, as it helps to become more communicable, creative, and successful.

Here are our top reasons that showcase the importance of writing:

Helps to improve communication skills

Since the end goal of any student is landing a decent well-paid job, it should be noted that the most common requirement in job descriptions is strong communication skills. There is no way around it – clear and effective communication with colleagues, partners, consumers, suppliers plays a key role in a successful career. Not only that but holding an interesting and constructive conversation will promote deep and meaningful relationships in your personal life. Just like students learn to structurize and format their papers, writing makes communication more precise and coherent. In turn,this helps you to make your speech more transparent, avoid rambling, and sound more knowledgeable.

Boosts imagination

Why are writing skills important for students?

Studies have shown that writing not only stimulates your brain but also speeds up its function. When being regular, this skill will unleash your true creative potential. Constantly writing upon different topics pushes students to come up with new ideas, write original content, and overall promotes their imagination, confidence, and most importantly, productivity levels. Being unique with your thoughts on already defined matters will help to stand out from other students and might get some extra credit from the teachers.

Helps to make money

With the rise of the Internet and further development of technology, the demand for writers grows with each year. Copywriters, technical and content writers have established positions that are required by almost any eCommerce business. Experienced and talented professionals are always rewarded with great compensation for their work. Aside from that, there is also a lot of opportunities and variety in literary art: novels, books, fiction, romance, thriller, and the list goes on. Many famous authors enjoyed writing during their university years, which inspired their literary attempts later on. Needless to say that a successful publication brings in significant earnings.

Helps in аcademia 

As we already established, writing is one of the foundations of students’ life. Almost any education system in the world requires students to be involved in writing essays, case studies, projects, and more. It all leads up to composing a graduate thesis – a supporting document in receiving an academic degree, which is fairly complex. Since students will be forced to write down their thoughts and ideas regularly, it is vital to improving writing skills to ensure their academic success. It is also worth noting that many students pursue an academic career to become lecturers or researchers, which may be challenging, as it also requires exceptional writing skills to make many original articles, publications, and dissertations.


Good writing skills cannot be underestimated nowadays, as they may be used in any sphere of our lives for personal gain and growth. They are particularly beneficial to the student, as they promote many other useful skills, improve creativity, enrich imagination, achieve great academic success and boost productivity. Thus, we encourage all students to overcome their fear of writing and give it a try for impressive and life-changing results.


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