Have you completed the significant structural and mechanical portions of a large-scale commercial or residential project but still need that piece of aesthetics? Adding bespoke doors and windows to your building project can make all the difference in transforming the overall look and bringing a sense of excellence to the space. Our team of craftsmen works relentlessly at DAKO to construct the most delicate woodwork pieces, gathering only the finest woods from around the world and producing them to our and our clients’ specifications to produce the perfect pieces of woodwork. Market sellers rarely consider customers who attempt to get out of trouble by lowering expenses and installing inferior materials. Meanwhile, DAKO’s customer satisfaction is always the most critical factor in creating its products. You will never be disappointed with DAKO’s quality of service and the perfection it adds to its products. To ensure our clients are satisfied and return for future work, it is our firm policy never to cut corners and produce quality goods. With its stellar portfolio of bespoke and premium custom doors and windows, DAKO has worked on various recreational and industrial design projects for various investors. In most cases, a firm of our caliber is well beyond what the average person can afford, which is why our services appear much more affordable than those of our competitors.

Our Services

DAKO’s product range is mostly dominated by high joinery components. We construct doors, garage doors, and window frames out of high-quality wood, metal, and vinyl. All of our products are precisely designed to meet the demands of today’s users. While manufacturing our products, we take into account the needs of individuals residing in diverse climatic locations. As a consequence, our windows and doors are versatile, permitting us to serve a wide range of industries. We offer bespoke window blinds and outdoor roller shutters, as well as smart home management systems, in addition to doors and windows. The services listed below further describe our company’s practices.

1.      An examination of technical potential

Ongoing technological innovation provides joinery manufacturers with an ever-expanding range of manufacturing options. To satisfy the changing expectations of our clients, we must continually monitor technical advancements and adjust our product portfolio by delivering strategies and solutions that match the users’ demands. Our Product Development Division is staffed by a group of competent and intelligent professionals that are always in charge of product innovation.

2.      Only the best elements are used.

All of our products are constructed from components provided by widely renowned European manufacturers. The premium quality vinyl or timber profiles with exceptional compressive and flexural features, as well as aluminum systems utilized in some of the most renowned construction projects, ensure the safety, dependability, and longevity of our products. Glazing and fittings from reputable manufacturers offer optimal thermal efficiency savings, security, and performance of our goods.

3.      Park of cutting-edge technology

Cutting-edge machines are required to accurately combine elements in a pioneering door or window system. As a result, our goods are produced in one of Europe’s most advanced technical parks of this sort. The accurate, computer-controlled wood treatment, milling, sawing, and welding machinery work in two 26,300 m2 production facilities. Our manufacturing facility also includes a testing laboratory, powder paint unit, and profiles binding studio, allowing us to maintain total control over quality from inception to final.

4.      Team with experience and qualifications

The manufacturing process is overseen by our experienced top engineers and performed out by highly educated professionals. Staff development guarantees that the high level of competencies necessary to build complicated window systems or unique patio doors with large glass and advanced opening options are maintained.

5.      Observance of high standards

Our organization is subjected to frequent evaluations and certification procedures to ensure the highest manufacturing practices. They result in entitlements, certifications, and the authority to use the markings that indicate the quality of the product. DAKO, among other things, has issued a Q-Zert certificate based on the IFT Rosenheim audit, Europe’s most popular product research center. Furthermore, our goods meet a wide range of international standards. Certification of products from our world-class vendors confirms our stringent safety and quality standards.

6.      Quality assurance

DAKO has a section in charge of quality control, which is an important element of the manufacturing process. Both the provided components and the finished products are subjected to severe controls. Each manufacturing line has a controller who oversees the work of the technicians. Furthermore, our quality controllers examine manufacturing lines at random to prevent any unanticipated problems.

7.      Transportation that is secure

Windows, being sensitive items, must be adequately safeguarded during transit. We improved our packaging method over the course of 20 years of shipping our items worldwide. Our contemporary truck fleet gives us total control over the loading, transportation, and unloading of cargo at ports. From there, we know we can rely on tried-and-true freight firms with whom we have worked for many years.

Become a Partner Now

We have undoubtedly outperformed our competition in every available field as the industry professionals and favorites when it comes to the best woodworking solutions, and so come forth with the finest collaboration concepts at the time. Our economic status and reputation provide us with the impetus to persuade our clientele to become collaborators. Our crew is ready to meet even the most stringent criteria. This enables us to retain high competitiveness in the global market while also managing business expansion effectively. Besides Consistent and unwavering efforts to establish a foundation of pleased consumers and a good image of the DAKO brand provide concrete dividends in every area we enter.

Our competitive advantage is a complete, seamless integration offering that includes windows and doors made of vinyl, wood, aluminum, and wood-aluminum, garage doors, and exterior roller shutters, as well as a unique Harmony Line concept that allows clients to harmonize all joinery parts.DAKO products have received the Q-Zert accreditation from IFT Rosenheim, Europe’s most prestigious research institute. We also comply with local regulations in the United States and Canada since we have NFRC accreditation. To mention a few advantages, our organization’s foundation has been firm, and we have what it takes to continue on this successful route. We have specialist teams in all aspects of carpentry, and our professional expertise distinguishes us from the competitors. There are no dangers in our midst. It’s understandable that you’d be concerned about our professional status and the dangers that come with it, but a simple assurance from our end would enough, as we promise that you won’t have to deal with any difficulties. We establish commercial connections on clear terms and an understanding of mutual aims and requirements, which serves as the foundation for a long-term cooperation.Aside from that, the DAKO Harmony collection is great for anybody seeking a personalized, customized choice. When creating the product, we focused on its adaptability to ensure that clients could fully personalize it to their needs. They may create their own compositions by picking colors and components from our online customization. The DAKO DA-Skyline is a wonderful choice for anybody who appreciates clean lines. Our sliding door’s contemporary design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. The DA-Skyline technology is characterized by a hidden frame that allows for a panoramic view. The frames’ design makes it simple to maintain excellent thermal insulation standards.

Happy to Serve

If you liked what you studied and were captivated by it, it’s time to put your concerns to rest and set up a meeting for more insights and fine joinery help. Visit the official website or drive over to our corporate headquarters to meet our men at work. Reach out to discuss the details.


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