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Why you should buy a Moissanite and not a Diamond?

The moissanite vs diamond debate continues with moissanite gaining a much more following as the days go by. There is no doubt that moissanite is making a name for itself in the jewelry industry. According to what Is Moissanite – MoissaniteCo.com, this gem is Silicon Carbide (SiC) that you can manufacture in the lab. This discovery has opened up a lot more opportunities for jewelry dealers. The stone is a great alternative to diamond.

Moissanite has been around for a long time and is still relevant to this date. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that it is a good option to pick and especially over diamond. Why diamond? Because diamond has dominated many areas where moissanite is finding its use. For instance, wherever people talked about the jewelry industry, diamond clicked in their minds. However, the story has changed with the introduction of stones like moissanite.

Buying Moissanite over Diamond

 Diamonds are forever and we all love them. However, they come at a huge expense and part of that has a devastating effect on our land. On the other hand, moissanite is mainly lab-grown and offers diamond-like benefits, sometimes even better. Therefore, it is obvious that moissanite is a better choice than diamond. Here is why:

  1. It is ethical to acquire

 The acquisition of Moissanite is ethical because it is lab-grown. Therefore, no conflict wars occur during its making as is the case during the mining of diamonds. For that reason, moissanite is a top choice for many people that defend such causes as caring for the environment.

When you buy moissanite, you join others in protecting the welfare of communities and our environment. Therefore, you should buy moissanite and not a diamond for ethical considerations and concerns of this nature. 

  1. Possibilities of producing different styles 

Moissanite will give you different sizes and shapes to work with. In that case, it is possible to produce different jewelry styles. The good thing is that moissanite is easy to cut. Therefore, you can shape it the way you want it and come up with amazing designs. This is unlike many other gemstones out there. 

  1. It is more affordable than diamond 

Why buy an expensive diamond while you could get all that you are looking for in moissanite? Most importantly, you will get all the qualities at a much affordable cost. The price of moissanite is about a fraction of what a diamond of the same weight costs. Therefore, you do not have to buy a diamond if you are working on a tight budget.

  1. Moissanite shines better than diamonds 

The refractive index of moissanite is high. This gives the stone great fire and brilliance. Therefore, it shines and sparkles well. If you are looking for excellent beauty comparable to that of diamonds, then moissanite is all you need.

We all love elegance and that is reason enough to consider this precious stone for your jewelry. Above all, it comes in various colours and that gives you options. Since it is lab-grown, you can get different shades and grades of the stone.  

  1. Reliable Hardness and durability 

In Mohs scale of hardness, Moissanite has a value of 9.25. Therefore, its hardness is comparable to that of diamonds. In that case, you will benefit from this quality at an affordable cost. It will give your jewelry enough strength to serve you well.

Moissanite durability is also something to pride in. This makes the stone scratch-resistant. Some stones undergo scratches and damages at the slightest abrasive action. However, this stone will get you reliable hardness and durability, which are perfect for your jewelry.

  1. Weight considerations 

If you are a jewelry lover and want light pieces of jewelry, then moissanite is your choice. It weighs less than diamond and therefore, it will feel comfortable wearing all day long.

For a long time, diamond dominated the gemstones world. However, we have alternatives today. Moissanite is one such stone that will give you properties comparable to that of diamond. Therefore, buying Moissanite stone will be much more advantageous than going for a diamond. Most importantly, you will go a long way into saving a lot of money by picking moissanite over diamond.

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