Why You Shouldn’t Give Bread to Waterfowl

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(WTNH) — As the weather warms, wildlife officials are warning people not to feed waterfowl with bread. While picking up and throwing away debris may seem like a good idea, it can cause serious or even fatal health problems for ducks, geese, and swans.

The Stratford Department of Animal Control in Connecticut issued a public safety announcement after a goose with a hook in its leg was rescued from a local pond. After the rescue, animal control officials found the pond goose and several others suffering from a condition called angel wings.

Angel’s wing Waterfowl feathers grow too quickly, causing the feathers to protrude from the bird’s body. Waterfowl then lose the ability to fly and are unable to defend themselves against predators.

A close-up of the back of a goose suffering from a condition known as “angel wings,” in which a high-protein diet causes the flight feathers to twist upward. (Getty Images)

In addition to angel wings, swans can develop fatal bowel disease and heart disease if they eat bread.

Officials said they were advised to give them goose lettuce, peas and sweet corn instead.

The goose was dehooked, given antibiotic injections, and transported to a wildlife sanctuary to recover.

Officials said bread was also bad for waterfowl because it allowed bacteria to grow in the water and encouraged rodents.Bread can also cause algae bloomenters the lungs of waterfowl.

Learn more about angel wings here. here.

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