Wordle: What’s the hardest answer?

For most of 2022, a small grid of green, yellow, and black squares fills our Twitter feed, Wardle Player wins and losses to the masses.

Some Wordle’s answers were fairly straightforward — at least two reporters here at Deseret News said Solve the puzzle in one tryThere were some answers controversialAnd then there was the puzzled Wordle response, breaking many stunning streaks in the process.

game site i am a puzzle We recently decided on the hardest Wordles of 2022 by examining data collected by the Twitter API WordleStats. CNET report. Some words aren’t so surprising — after all, how often do we use the word “shy” or “implicit” in a sentence?

But simple words like “clock” and “pound” were also chosen. It’s a normal, everyday word, but if you understand all but the first letter, it becomes difficult to solve.

The Hardest Wordles of 2022

according to CNETthe next 10 words were the hardest Wordle answers of 2022.

  • Parar.
  • lobby.
  • catch.
  • clock.
  • mummy.
  • catering.
  • Shy.
  • little things.
  • found.
  • implicit.

“Parer” proved to be the hardest Wordle solution for 2022. mental floss, 48% of those who tweeted the game’s Wordle grid on September 16 were unable to solve the puzzle. “Foyer” is his second most difficult word, edinburgh evening news.

mental floss noted that fewer players tweeted their scores as the years went on, and some players may tend to share their scores on Twitter when they perform particularly well.

“This is not a comprehensive dataset” writes Ellen Gutsky of mental floss“But it can give you a pretty good sense of what kind of Wordle solution is saddening players the most.”

Best wordle starting words.

Earlier this year, a Deseret News reporter shared her go-to word for Wordle. “Crane” – reportedly official best opening words — Proven to be highly successful.

“Adieu” and “star” were also very popular and successful. A complete list can be found at: deseret news.

We have also compiled a list of Over 50 Wordle spin-offsin case 1 Wordle a day is not enough.

https://www.deseret.com/entertainment/2022/12/30/23531622/wordle-hardest-answers Wordle: What’s the hardest answer?

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